15 Aug 2007

Fiji teachers pleased with court ruling over pay

1:02 pm on 15 August 2007

The Fiji Teachers Association welcomes a decision by the Suva high court that the interim government can't withhold the salaries of teachers who went on strike.

The teachers called off their two-day strike when the education ministry brought forward the 2nd term school holidays.

The education minister, Netani Sukanaivalu, said earlier the teachers would not be paid for the holiday period and it would suspend the teacher's association president, Tevita Koroi.

But the high court ruled yesterday that it can't do this, and Tevita Koroi is satisfied with the judge's rulings.

"We, the members of the Fiji Teacher's Association welcome the decision of the Court in handing down that state order to enable the teachers to to be paid during the school holidays. In fact the teachers are entitles for holiday pay, particularily when they have worked for the school weeks during the term."

Tevita Koroi is calling on the interim government to abide by the ruling.