16 Aug 2007

Second contingent of Tongan soldiers to be deployed at Camp Victory in Baghdad

3:57 pm on 16 August 2007

There is to be another contingent of Tongan troops to be deployed to Iraq after the current group completes its tour of duty.

55 soldiers leave this weekend for training in the U.S. and Kuwait ahead of a six-month deployment.

Lieutenant Commander, Solomon Savelio, says the soldiers will be based at Camp Victory in Baghdad alongside U.S. armed forces.

He says their mandate will include providing security for all entry control points into the Al Faw Palace, the perimeter defence and assistance in any emergency requests.

"This deployment will last six months which should be ending around February next year and there will be another one to replace them for another six months. This is only a one year commitment from the Tonga Defence Services towards the operation of Iraqi freedom pending further negotiations for any further deployments."

Lieutenant Commander Savelio