16 Aug 2007

Tongan soldiers to be based at Camp Victory in Iraq

7:19 pm on 16 August 2007

A second contingent of Tongan troops to be deployed to Iraq are unlikely to leave their base at Camp Victory in Baghdad.

The 55 soldiers depart this weekend for training in the U.S. and Kuwait before arriving in the Iraqi capital.

Their tasks at the camp will include providing security for all entry control points into the Al Faw Palace, the perimeter defence and assistance in any emergency requests.

Lieutenant Commander, Solomon Savelio, says apart from taking personal weapons, the U.S. will be providing all the logistics.

"There will be no excursions outside of the camp. Schedules. all their mandates and missions will be inside and everything will be provided like entertainment, meals. There's no need for them to get out of the camp but if there is, there will be special permission and further discussions with the United States armed forces but it's unlikely at this moment."

Lieutenant Commander Savelio.