18 Aug 2007

Fiji's Public Service Commission recalls retirees following court ruling

5:09 am on 18 August 2007

Fiji's public service commission is recalling back to work all those public servants who were forced to retire early under the interim administration's new retirement policy.

Fiji TV says this follows a High Court order by Justice Filimoni Jitoko granting a stay on those being retired under the new policy until a judicial review is heard in October.

In recent months the PSC had retired hundreds of public servants who were 58 and 59 years old, with the age due to be gradually lowered to 55.

The PSC has sent a circular to all government ministries and departments to suspend all further early retirements and to recall all those already forced to go until the judicial review is complete.

The matter has been taken to court by several public sector unions which opposed the lower retirement age and went on strike recently.