18 Aug 2007

Papua New Guineans snap up Digicel cell phones

10:30 am on 18 August 2007

The competition created by Digicel entering Papua New Guinea's mobile phone market has made mobile phones more accessible for all Papua New Guineans.

Our correspondent in Port Moresby, Alex Rheeney, says Digicel phones sell for 89 kina and receive another phone free.

Previously the cheapest phone package cost between 300 and 400 kina.

"There's a lot of Papua New Guineans now walking around with Digicel phones as well as B Mobile phones, this is a consequence of the competition that's been brought into the market by the entrance of Digicel. So, consequently a lot of Papua New Guineans have mobile phones and there are still hundreds more still walking into Digicel retail outlets."