20 Aug 2007

Polynesian Blue announces $US 7.3 million profit

6:12 am on 20 August 2007

The airline Polynesian Blue has announced a 7.3 million US dollar profit in the financial year ending 30 March 2007.

The Samoa Observer, quotes the Chief Commercial Officer for Virgin Blue,

Stefan Pichler, who attributes the increase to the number of tourists visiting Samoa.

Polynesian Blue says that from July 2006 to June 2007 holiday arrivals to Samoa from Australia and New Zealand were up 16.1 percent.

It also says in the same period, the number of friends and family visiting from Australia increased to 28.7 percent, and from New Zealand 18.7 percent.

Samoa's Prime Minister said the increase in profit was due to the professional operation and management by staff of Poly Blue.

He also noted that cheap air fares helped spurred the increase in tourists visiting Samoa.

The Samoan Government and Virgin Blue each hold 49% shares of Polynesian Blue, while Aggie Greys Hotel Limited holds the remaining shares.