20 Aug 2007

Samoa government endorses renewable energy programme for electricity supply

10:58 am on 20 August 2007

The Samoan government has given the green light to start the preparatory phase for its solar power electric programme, with plans to get underway later this year.

The country's Electric Power Corporation or EPC, and the United Nations Development Programme have endorsed the development of solar power to reduce dependence on carbon fuels.

The Electric Corporation says the parties along with the Secretariat of the Pacific Applied Geosciences Commission or SOPAC will undertake the preparatory phase.

SOPAC, UNDP Samoa and the government of Denmark's Pacific Islands Energy Policy and Strategic Action Planning project is co-funding the job.

The General Manager for EPC, Mua'ausa Joseph Walter, says the funding and expertise provided will help the corporation to fulfill its mission to provide safe and reliable electricity for the whole country.

A solar power electric programme already operates on the Island of Apolima.