21 Aug 2007

Flooding in PNG's Morobe Province claims three lives, thousands lose food gardens

8:06 pm on 21 August 2007

Three people have died and about ten thousand more have been affected after two weeks of continuous rain led to flooding and landslides in Papua New Guinea's Morobe Province.

The director of the province's disaster management office, Roy Kamen, says many have lost their food supply.


It is about, roughly, ten thousand people who are affected throughout the province by these floods and landslides causing damage to food gardens. According to our assessments, they don't need shelter, they only need basic food items, like rice, to cater for their food gardens that were destroyed.

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Roy Kamen says the infrastructure has also been severely affected, with about 38 roads and many bridges closed to traffic.

He says his office distributed about a tonne of rice to the affected area over the weekend, and is planning to fly in more food for the next couple of months.