22 Aug 2007

PNG businesses welcome mobile phone competition

2:02 pm on 22 August 2007

The chamber of commerce in Papua New Guinea says a wider access to mobile phones will benefit the country.

The mobile phone company, Digicel, has entered the PNG market, which has increased mobile phone usage by almost 70 percent in about four weeks.

But the government, which owns the only other mobile phone network, is attempting to have Digicel's licence taken away and the matter is before the court.

The chamber's president, David Conn, welcomes the competition from Digicel.

"The more people are talking, that is good for business, good for the whole of PNG, and there is the business community who raised the figures of quite an exponential growth in phone penetration through the mobile connections, and that is certainly going to be good for businesses, it makes communication easier, in a scenario such as on a highlands highway, it makes life a little bit safer, because people can communicate a little bit more."

David Conn says Digicel is providing mobile phone services to remote areas that have never been covered before and this might increase business activities there.