22 Aug 2007

Push to provide education for Solomon Islands students in Western and Choiseul provinces

7:20 pm on 22 August 2007

There is a push to ensure that students in Solomon Islands' Western and Choiseul provinces are receiving some form of education despite the loss of schools in April's earthquake and tsunami.

The permanent secretary of education, Barnabas Anga, says a second wave of supplies are to be sent to the provinces next month.

A just released emergency education assessment report states that more than 11,000 students are without permanent schools to attend.

Mr Anga says they will send temporary tents, school in a box kits, and recreational kits to Gizo for distribution to those affected by the disaster.

"Our priority at this stage is to try and ensure that there are facilities made available to them through the temporary tents so that they can be used as classrooms, and also providing materials, if not through formal education, at least some educational activities to involve our school students."

Barnabas Anga