23 Aug 2007

Uncertainty in row over Fiji's Ba hospital

3:17 pm on 23 August 2007

The divisional medical officer of Fiji's Ba Mission Hospital says he cannot comment on the interim government's proposal to close down the hospital because it is a policy decision under consideration.

The interim government is threatening to close the hospital and relocate health services unless the Methodist Church pays the 260,000 dollars they owe for maintenance of hospital buildings.

Dr Samuela Korovou says he does not know what the interim government's plans are but will do what is expected of him.

"All those things are still under policy. I cannot comment on that because the Minister and the Permanent Secretary for Health, together with the Director looking after the Western Health Services, they have to come up with a policy. I am not in a position to answer those because it is a policy decision."

The Methodist Church general secretary the Reverend Tugaue says the Church will discuss the issue at its annual conference in Macuata next week.