23 Aug 2007

Solomons opposition says it is Prime Minister Sogavare who's under foreign influence

7:18 pm on 23 August 2007

The Solomon Islands opposition says the prime minister himself is neglecting the country's interests, not the opposition.

The prime minister accused the opposition of serving foreign forces with its call for a motion of no confidence.

The opposition acted over the government's appointment of a fugitive Australian lawyer, Julian Moti, as attorney general, and a Fiji national, Jahir Khan, as police commissioner.

An opposition MP and former prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, says the prime minister's accusations are bluntly untrue.

"Our current attorney general is a foreigner, and he influences the prime minister on many issues and that is exactly what I said, because if he puts that to us, which we are not, we are just in the opposition, so he is the one who has been influenced by the present attorney general, who is a foreigner."

Sir Allan Kemakeza says the prime minister's behaviour and allegations are abnormal.