24 Aug 2007

Nauru voters go to the polls tomorrow

9:54 am on 24 August 2007

Around 7000 voters on Nauru go to the polls tomorrow for the first election since a reforming government assumed power three years ago.

The reformists, who have brought major changes to life on Nauru, moved the election forward after their efforts to modify the constitution foundered.

They had said changes are needed to include elements of good governance, such as oversight bodies and the direct election of a president.

A key member of this group is Finance and Foreign Minister, David Adeang.

His confidence is high going into the poll.

"They see the results of the changes and reforms we have implemented since 2003 that have benefited this country: the stability of the financial situation, the regularity of wages particularly, the improvements in health and education and, of course, the revival of the mining industry. These are all overwhelming results from the changes we have instituted since 2004."

18 MPs are to be chosen from 77 candidates, including six women.