25 Aug 2007

Former PM of Solomon Islands alleges government had planned to replace GG

10:07 am on 25 August 2007

The former prime minister of Solomon Islands, Sir Allan Kemakeza, has alleged in Parliament that the government had planned to replace the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports that Sir Allan made the claim while he was speaking on the sina die motion in parliament.

Sir Allan has accused the government of applying corrupt practices in an attempt to conceal what he calls wrongful and illegal acts in the appointments of the Police Commissioner and the Attorney General.

Sir Allan claimed Government had further attempted to cover up its wrongs by promising favours for the Chairman of Public Service Commission if he withdrew an application to the High Court challenging Government on both appointments and his removal from office.

Sir Allan alleges the Government had offered the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, appointment as the new Governor General.