27 Aug 2007

American Samoa's governor sets out measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions

11:02 am on 27 August 2007

An executive order by American Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono has set out short and long term measures to curb greenhouse emissions.

Beginning next year, all new vehicles purchased by government must have a fuel efficiency ration of 20 miles per gallon.

The government will no longer purchase 4 wheel drive vehicles, except in circumstances where a definite need is shown

ASG will begin to add hybrid vehicles to its fleet, and will immediately begin replacing all incandescent light bulbs currently in use with compact florescent bulbs.

The order also includes measures which will affect the general public down the road.

These include banning the importing of cars older than ten years from the start of 2009.

Governor Togiola explained his reasons for issuing the order.

"It is my desire to have the American Samoa government lead by example. This is an executive order that directs the behaviour of American Samoan government in what it does and the contribution it can make and hopefully by doing that when we ask our community and ask other communities to do likewise that they will see that it's not just about talk."