27 Aug 2007

Solomons parliament accepts PM's motion to have RAMSI reviewed

6:54 pm on 27 August 2007

The Solomon Islands parliament has accepted a motion moved by the Prime Minister to review the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI.

Manasseh Sogavare moved the motion which states that parliament will review the international assistance notice and take any recommended action.

The International Facilitations Act under which RAMSI is operating in the country stipulates that parliament must review the notice that brought this Act into being each year.

The speaker of parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, says Mr Sogavare has used this simple provision as the basis for the motion.

"The motion was moved by the honourable Prime Minister this morning. It has been debated and accepted by parliament for review of the notice. The notic - having gone through what the motino intends them to do in the sense to review the notice - it'll have to end up again in parliament for discussion."