28 Aug 2007

Melanesian Spearhead Group security officials meeting in Papua New Guinea

9:52 am on 28 August 2007

Melanesian Spearhead Group security officials are meeting in Papua New Guinea from today to continue discussions on establishing a sub-regional force.

The aim is to promote stability in MSG member countries, which include Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.

Parei Tamei, the High Commissioner to Solomon Islands in PNG, says the meeting brings together security experts to help draft a framework specific to MSG countries.

He says members need to address their own issues first, in order to contribute adequately to regional security issues.

"That we will address all the issues collectively from the sub region's perspective first before we're able to talk with confidence and of course we have been doing so for years, regionally and international forums, that deal with similar issues of similar type or to engage in services of countries like us, in security issues and combating transnational crime and basically cooperating and exchanging of information pertaining to security."

Mr Tamei says a sub committee meeting will be held in Vanuatu next month.

The MSG security meeting being held in Lae, ends on Thursday.