29 Aug 2007

Mystery group continues to anger Niueans by failing to clear huge debts

7:22 pm on 29 August 2007

Business operators on Niue remain concerned about the presence on the island of a mystery group which has run up thousands of dollars in unpaid bills over the past year.

The group members, who refuse to speak with the media, have been linked to a cult from California called the Maha Devi Ascension Movement.

They had managed to obtain credit all over the island after saying they intended establishing a multi-million dollar resort.

Patricia Hunter of Golden Age Homes says she's been owed about 8,000 New Zealand dollars since December for the lease on two houses.

"We have taken out a court action to have our debt paid and we have also taken out an order preventing them from leaving the country before they pay us. But each individual person who is owed money really has to go through that process as well to secure their own debt."

Patricia Hunter