3 Sep 2007

Cost may scuttle federal system in Solomon Islands

3:15 pm on 3 September 2007

The cost of adding another layer of government in Solomon Islands could spell the end to a proposal to introduce a federal system.

A constitutional congress is currently considering a draft constitution which provincial premiers want to see contain a state system.

An associate professor at Canterbury University, Dr John Henderson, says this could work well in Melanesian societies because it takes into account their diversity and allows decision making at a provincial level.

But, he says it may all cost too much.

"More government means more expense for politicians and politicians aren't the favourites of the month there, anymore than they are anywhere else. And, I think that's probably going to kill the idea. I don't think the Solomons is in a position to be able to afford to create a whole other raft of government even though it makes some sense in terms of political stability."

Dr John Henderson