4 Sep 2007

Samoa Catholic leader opposes condoms for athletes

8:45 am on 4 September 2007

The Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Samoa, Alapati Mataeliga, has strongly opposed the distribution of condoms to some 5 thousand athletes currently competing in the 13th South Pacific Games in Apia.

In a message carried by a weekly Samoan newspaper, the Archbishop says the church fully supports the government's preparations for the games.

But he says the Catholic Church does not support the use of condoms as human sexual intercourse is for people who have been legally married.

The message from the church leader comes just after a week since the safe games campaign committee distributed condoms to all male athletes as the distribution of female condoms was put on hold by the games authority.

Archbishop Mataeliga says the campaign for safe sex and the use of condoms for protection is very much a call to encourage unwanted sexual behavior.