6 Sep 2007

Indonesian police continue with targetting of Papuans, says ELSHAM

10:20 am on 6 September 2007

The human rights organisation ELSHAM says Indonesian security forces continue to target Papuans and abuse their human rights.

ELSHAM says riots have erupted in the city of Nabire and that shops and offices in the city's heart have all been closed.

In recent weeks there have been at least three killings of local Papuans as well as alleged beatings of Papuans by police.

ELSHAM's Paula Makabori says clashes between Indonesian migrants and Papuans have become more frequent with the increase in the area of Indonesian security forces.

"So the brutality of the police is still going on. There is no respect for the law and also no respect for human rights, human dignity. So they face Papuans like potential targets for threats. And it's simple for West Papuans to be killed everywhere."