6 Sep 2007

Cook Islands Democratic Party Executive to interview leader and deputy leader over spat

3:19 pm on 6 September 2007

The executive committee of the Cook Islands' ruling Democratic Party is interviewing the deputy leader this afternoon following a spat between him and his boss, the party leader.

The party leader, Sir Terepai Maoate, has clashed with Wilkie Rasmussen many times over the past year with the latest incident involving a quarrel over a loan from China.

The party's general secretary, Karla Eggelton, says the committee wants to get both sides of the story and will be talking to Sir Terepai tomorrow.

Ms Eggelton says despite the exchange of words between the two men, the party is hopeful of a good outcome once a few changes have been made to party protocol.

"It requires just a little more communication and just a little tweaking with regards to media protocols and dialogue amongst members of the party, members of the caucus and of course, out into the industry."

Karla Eggelton,