7 Sep 2007

Fiji consumers advised to check bread price

5:07 pm on 7 September 2007

The Fiji Consumer Council says despite a price increase of flour consumers can still save money if they opt for the right product.

The Prices and Incomes Board in Fiji has announced today that the price of flour will rise by three cents per kilogramme to 93 cents as a result of the global wheat shortage.

But the consumer council's chief executive, Premila Kumar, says only the refill flour has risen by three cents per kilogramme, while the price of the one and two kilogramme factory pre-packed versions have decreased.

Ms Kumar says consumers have therefore a choice.

"For the refilled pack, the price has gone up. But when you compare holistically, despite the three cents it has gone up, with the factory pre-packed, there are still savings for consumers if they opt for the pre-filled packs."

Premila Kumar says the price of all pre-packed versions above two kilogrammes has however increased.