10 Sep 2007

Samoa government commits to Millenium Development Goals

10:28 am on 10 September 2007

The Samoan government has made a commitment to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by the year 2015 as set down by the United Nations.

The MDG sets out eight goals which include eradicating extreme poverty, the prevention of HIV/Aids and developing healthy children.

Two solar powered scoreboards were launched in Apia on Friday to track the MDG achievements.

The Minister of Communications and IT Safuneituuga Paaga Neri says if the goals are to be achieved then it will need a commitment from everyone.

"We will be also be working with our own people, with our community structures and everybody, the villages, the churches, women, everybody, government or NGO groups, so that we can all work together to support and make sure we somewhere near achieving the goals by then, if not achieving the goals, but getting the closest by the year 2015."

The Minister of Communications and IT Safuneituuga Paaga Neri.