10 Sep 2007

Guam hospital expands amid overcrowding woes

7:34 pm on 10 September 2007

Guam's Memorial Hospital has opened another wing to try to avoid some of the overcrowding in emergency rooms.

The acting medical director, Dr Rick Eusedio, says the hospital has been facing shortages in nursing and medical staff for some time.

He says an increase in the population has worsened the situation and there have been complaints about people being forced to wait in the corridors.

Dr Eusedio says the delays are to do with admissions and doctors are getting to all the patients:

"Patients are being seen, it is just taking them longer to get to the wards to be admitted or to intensive care to be monitored, that is where the delay is."

Dr Eusedio says the hospital has been asking the administration to look at the pay structure for medical staff and training larger numbers of nurses.

But he believes there is also a need to look at recruiting from areas such as the Philippines.