11 Sep 2007

French Polynesian political impasse could lead to interim French-run government

1:57 pm on 11 September 2007

The French Polynesian opposition says the political impasse may see France take over the running of the territorial administration.

Today's planned election of a new president was called off because there was no quorum, with the opposition saying it wants a French court ruling on the process.

None of the three candidates - Oscar Temaru, Edouard Fritch or Gaston Tong Sang - is expected to win an absolute majority of at least 29 assembly members.

The opposition's Myron Mataoa says depending on the court decision and the election outcome, France could run an interim government.

"There is one thing that the French government could do which is to take over the governing of the country for at least six months and I think they would somehow break up the assembly and we would have to return to an election."

Another attempt to elect a president is to be made before the end of the week.