12 Sep 2007

Fiji to establish new medical school

10:20 am on 12 September 2007

Fiji's cabinet has approved the establishment of a new medical school in the country.

The school will be known as the Umanand Prasad School of Medicine, after Dr Umanand Prasad, a former Fiji citizen who has provided the foundation funding.

The new medical school will be part of the newly established University of Fiji in Lautoka.

It will initially offer Bachelor's courses in medicine and surgery as well as certificate level and degree level courses in medical science.

The acting minister for health, Poseci Bune, says the new medical school will work closely with the ministry to meet the country's doctor shortage.

The courses will be closely aligned with Fiji's needs and the curriculum has been developed by consultation within the country and with Australian medical academics.

The University of Fiji has also set up a Centre for Indigenous Studies and has announced plans to set up another Law School in the country.