12 Sep 2007

Fiji Investment Bureau espouses "one-stop shop" approach

7:17 pm on 12 September 2007

The powerful new board of Fiji's Trades and Investment Bureau hopes a new creative approach to processing proposal applications will help promote investment in Fiji.

The FTIB's new board is adopting a new "one-stop shop" approach whereby decisions will solely be made by its members to approve or reject an application for investors.

The new Board includes representatives from the Minstries of Commerce, Finance and Immigration, as well as business consultants and the Director of Town and Country planning.

The chairman, Sir Jim Ah Koy, says that all the relevant agencies a potential investor needs to consult are represented on the new board.

"So sitting on this board now are high-powered people who have authority under the Act to agree to an investment proposal or not. So when we all agree unanimously to a proposal, it becomes automatic and it's a one-stop shop. So it saves an intending investor from doing the rounds and wearing off more shoe leather. Instead of us approving at the FTIB then it going to all these various agencies for separate individual look at it, we bring them all to one place and the apex of the board level."

Sir Jim Ah Koy