15 Sep 2007

Fiji High Court directs lawyers to agree on contentious issues in Qarase challenge

9:52 am on 15 September 2007

The Suva High Court has directed lawyers for the deposed Fiji prime minister and the state to agree on the contentious issues they want to court to decide on before the hearing proper on the overthrow of the Qarase government begins.

Radio Legend reports that the directions have been issued so the court can decide on all the matters in one sitting.

The state is seeking various declarations from the court including one that Laisenia Qarase failed to keep President Iloilo generally informed on the running of the government as required by the constitution.

Another is the alleged request by the Qarase government to have Commodore Frank Bainimarama arrested in New Zealand while he was visiting that country just before the military takeover.

The state is also seeking declarations on matters like the exclusion of the military from meetings of the National Security Council, the request for foreign military intervention and the attempt by three foreign diplomats to have the military withdraw its support for Commodore Bainimarama.

Lawyers for both parties will have to decide on these issues before the trial gets under way on October the 2nd.