18 Sep 2007

Samoas consider customs treaty

3:46 pm on 18 September 2007

The president of American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says the idea of a customs treaty with Samoa is still at its preliminary stages.

David Robinson says under a Memorandum of Understanding between the two Samoas, he was motivated to do something to benefit the import and export of goods between the two countries.

Termed the Economic Integration Agreement, this treaty would increase market size and strengthen the ability to build the economy of both countries.

Mr Robinson says he has already sent a letter outlining the proposal to the prime minister of Samoa and American Samoa's governor.

He says the idea is likely to make the agenda at the upcoming inter government talks, between the two countries, being held in Apia.

"It would strengthen the market I think if it was handled properly and certainly with the background and common heritage and culture between the two Samoas it seems to make sense to try to get more business going between the two countries....so that's what we're aiming to bring before the two governments so they can have a look at it and can decide whether they think its worth proceeding, or not."

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce President David Robinson