18 Sep 2007

Questions in American Samoa over unspent budget allocations

3:59 pm on 18 September 2007

A number of government departments in American Samoa are facing questions over their budgets after being left with unspent funds near the end of the financial year.

The departments include several which generally say the need more funds such as health, education and public safety, which runs the police force.

The unused money is now being diverted to pay for cost over-runs in the Fono and Governor's office.

But as Monica Miller reports from Pago Pago, there is surprise these departments have any money left:

"It's hard to accept that when there is some teachers who say they still haven't been paid for summer teaching programmes they worked on and other departments like public health have said they're having funding problems meeting utility bills and so forth. And then there is the department of public safety as well. There is always an issue with overtime because police have to provide watch in the community, and when they submit their overtime there is always delay in getting those approved."

Pago Pago correspondent, Monica Miller