19 Sep 2007

American Samoa cannery study due out soon

10:26 am on 19 September 2007

A group working on a cannery impact study in American Samoa will meet the Chamber of Commerce this week to report on its preliminary findings and conclusions.

The six months study focuses on the canneries role in the local economy, what may happen if the canneries were to reduce their operations, and what can be done to build a stronger and more diversified economy.

The study is being carried out by Malcolm McPhee and Associates under a technical assistance grant from the Department of Interior Office of Insualr Affairs .

Lewis Wolman is one of the consultants in the group.

"Well, let's just say that as everybody understands the impact of the canneries completely closing would be huge, as all by themselves they are about 30 percent of the workforce of American Samoa and of course, if the canneries were close, a lot of other people, who are not directly employed by the canneries would find their jobs in jeopardy as well."

Lewis Wolman of Malcolm McPhee and Associates.