20 Sep 2007

Samoa's plans to drive on the other side of the road draw fire

3:21 pm on 20 September 2007

The secretary of the Transport Control Board in Samoa, Tusa Misi Tupuola, is defending the proposal for the country to switch to right hand drive vehicles.

The Rental Cars Association and the Chamber of Commerce have both attacked the proposed change.

The secretary says a special committee hopes to start in July 2008 to consider all aspects of the proposal before the draft legislation will be tabled in parliament.

The Rental Association says the change would affect operations of many car rental businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce says the change would impact substantially on the private sector and the entire community.

It has questioned analysis that suggests that right hand drive vehicles can be sourced from Australia and New Zealand as it would be cheaper.

But Tusa says the proposal was first discussed in 2004 aiming to help the average and low income people.