20 Sep 2007

Solomons government says sorry for pulling plug on meeting over RAMSI

2:50 pm on 20 September 2007

The Solomon Islands Government has apologised for cancelling the latest round of talks aimed at determining the future role of the Regional Assistance Mission or RAMSI.

The third Enhanced Consultation Mechanism meeting, involving the Pacific Islands Forum and RAMSI officials, was to be held on Tuesday in Honiara.

But the Solomons' Government pulled out saying they had not received enough notice.

In a press release the Government apologises for this action but says it has requested the Forum provide it with all relevant documents well in advance of any future meetings.

Secretary to the Solomons' Prime Minister, Rence Sore, says because of the sensitive nature of the issues to be discussed it is imperative that the Government has the information well in advance so it can articulate its position during the meeting.

The Papua New Guinea High Commissioner to Fiji, Peter Eafeare, who is chair for the meetings, had said earl that the meeting was set up more than a month ago.