26 Sep 2007

Fiji lawyer in push to end misreporting about Fiji

2:52 pm on 26 September 2007

A leading Fiji lawyer says he is amazed at the negative statements and publicity overseas about the situation in Fiji.

Dr Shamsud Dean Sahu Khan has offered his services to be part of an independent committee to combat negative publicity about his country.

Dr Sahu Khan says foreign media organisations are still portraying a Fiji image of soldiers standing guard at checkpoints and an unstable environment.

He says what is being reported overseas is not correct.

"People should be there to give a correct picture, if there are negative things, fine, go for your life and give negative things, but don't give negative things which are not correct."

Dr Sahu Khan says an independent committee made up of individuals without any links to the interim administration should be established to counter some of these reports.