28 Sep 2007

RAMSI says survey shows ordinary Solomon Islanders' views on issues

9:43 am on 28 September 2007

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, has dismissed criticism from the Prime Minister of a survey which shows the people strongly back its continued presence in the country.

The RAMSI commissioned survey indicates the people have ongoing concerns about the fragility of the peace and that 90 percent want RAMSI to remain.

Manasseh Sogavare says the survey lacks credibility but RAMSI's Deputy Special Co-ordinator, Jonathan Austin, vouches for the quality of the information gathered from the more than five thousand Solomon Islanders interviewed.

"This is a survey using best practice methodology. It involved people interviewing ordinary Solomon Islanders, not just big men in Honiara, to find out what the views were of the Solomon Islands public, because at the end of the day - RAMSI and the Government - our job is to make life better for ordinary people. If people choose to ignore those results or attack the results, rather than address them, then that is their decision."