2 Oct 2007

Solomon Airlines welcomes competition on Australia route

2:50 pm on 2 October 2007

The Solomon Airlines board chairman has welcomed more competition from airlines vying to fly the Brisbane to Honiara sector.

Pacific Blue's application is the latest to the International Air Services Commission, after another carrier, Sky Air World has been negotiating for the right to fly to the Solomon Islands seven days a week

A spokesperson for Pacific Blue's parent company wasn't prepared to comment except to confirm an application had been lodged to fly there.

It's understood the airline has lodged an application for 540 seats a week on the route for five years, starting November 2008.

Solomon Airlines board chairman, Rick Hou says it's great news, although the tourism sector would need to be prepared to cope with an influx of visitors - not to mention the competition for cheap airfares.

"We do not have any difficulties with Pacific Blue coming and providing services here. This of course is going to be stiff competition of course for any services that we're going to provide."

Rick Hou.