3 Oct 2007

Submissions sought for new Fiji post coup council

8:06 pm on 3 October 2007

The Fiji Interim government is collating the last submissions for consideration on forming a new National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

The interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainamarama, gave an indication in his recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly that the members of the new National Council for a better Fiji would be asked to examine the present voting system which is mainly race based.

Making changes is the prerogative of the legislature and the Great Council of Chiefs, which have both been sidelined since last December's coup.

The interim administration was unavailable for comment but Fiji sources and an academic visiting New Zealand, Dr. Yash Ghai, say there is an expectation that the formation of the new Council will be announced on October the tenth, which is Fiji National Day.

The council will have 48 members drawn from the government and civil society.

Its task will be to prepare a blueprint for the political and economic restructuring of Fiji, based on an accountable and transparent system of governance, racial harmony and social justice.