8 Oct 2007

Media in Vanuatu told to return copies of government riot report

3:37 pm on 8 October 2007

Vanuatu's government has recalled copies from local news media of the Commission of Inquiry report into the March 3rd violence in Port Vila.

The government, which has yet to publicly respond to the findings in the report, says it's correcting the process surrounding publishing of the report because aspects of national security are at stake.

The report on the violence which left three people dead in a tribal conflict is critical of the police response and raises concerns about how the government prioritises security.

The government spokesman Patrick Crowby says the council of ministers is concerned that at least two news media outlets had published details of the report before it had released its own summary of the findings.

"The office of the Attorney General has wrote to the print media to return all the full reports to the office of the Attorney General because the Council of Ministers (process) has never been implemented. So the summary should be given to the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs and the Council of Ministers and then released to the public"