11 Oct 2007

Calls in American Samoa for improved mental health facilities

2:46 pm on 11 October 2007

There is a call in American Samoa for a new mental health facility to be set up following an incident near the Fono where a woman was seen showering naked.

Representative Faale Tunupopo says he was disturbed to see the mentally challenged woman naked near the Fono grounds and says mentally ill patients should not be wandering the streets.

The LBJ Hospital has a mental health facility for acute patients only and its Chief Executive, Patricia Tindall, says it's time there was a halfway house for people with ongoing mental illness.

"I think it would be beneficial especially for their care-givers or their families. People caring for somebody with whatever disability it might be get tired and I think having a halfway home or having a place for people to go would be a good help in mainstreaming patients back into their society or into their community and it would also be a big help for their caregivers."

LBJ Hospital's Chief Executive, Patricia Tindall