19 Oct 2007

Alleged sign-breaking during Taiwan summit prompts Marshall Islands lawsuit

3:35 pm on 19 October 2007

A group of Marshall Islanders has launched legal action against a policeman who they claim broke plywood billboards on private properties during the recent Taiwan Pacific summit in Majuro.

Yokwe Online reports that the lawsuit claims that a national police officer led a group of prisoners in taking down five billboards which all bore the same message, "Taiwan, Welcome, But Not in Our Internal Affairs".

According to the plaintiffs, the group broke the plywood signs and stashed them near the public works facility before the arrival of Taiwan's President.

The policeman Langidrik Mote was reportedly dressed in full uniform and was using a government vehicle to remove the signs.

Taiwan, which is the second largest donor to the Marshalls, provided five million US dollars to build the Conference Center, where the summit was held.

However, many locals in Majuro oppose Taiwan's involvement with a 100-foot floating dry dock within city limits.