22 Oct 2007

British environment campaigner urges Pacifc Islands to ban plastic bags

11:09 am on 22 October 2007

A British environmental campaigner is urging more Pacific Island countries to ban the import of plastic bags.

Rebecca Hosking's documentary showing birds choked by plastic bags on Midway Atoll has been shown in schools in Hawai'i.

Her campaign led to an English town banning plastic bags in shops and raised the profile of the issue across Europe.

Ms Hosking says in Tonga endangered turtles and young whales are being threatened by drifting plastic bags.

She welcomes moves to ban plastic bags in Papua New Guinea and Samoa, and says there is now more pressure on manufacturers and wholesalers.

But Ms Hosking is calling to widen the ban on importing plastic bags.

"And it isn't a brand new idea, this thing that we need to do without plastic. A lot of countries have gone now, and a lot of poor countries have sort of said, 'I don't want plastic coming through my borders and they've already said, 'No, absolutely, it's bad for our wildlife, it's bad for the environment, let's knock them out of the system."

The British campaigner Rebecca Hosking.