22 Oct 2007

American Samoa High Court finds territory's government liable to meet fire costs

11:08 am on 22 October 2007

The High Court in American Samoa has upheld a ruling that the government is liable for over 6.6 million US dollars in damages for the Laufou Shopping Centre fire in 2002.

Samoa News says the government had been seeking a reconsideration on the ruling or for a new trial.

However, the seven page ruling says the government had not provided substantial reasons in its motion to warrant the Court to reconsider its ruling issued in July of this year.

The earlier court ruling said firefighters found a small fire which should have been extinguished quickly but those attending weren't wearing protective clothing or carrying fire equipment.

The government says it intends to appeal against the decision.

The Progressive Insurance Company, which insured Laufou, brought the case against the Fire Division of the government.