22 Oct 2007

Film maker to produce documentary about New Caledonia's Kanaks

11:07 am on 22 October 2007

An independent film maker has received a research grant from the Pacific Media Centre to develop a documentary about indigenous Kanak in New Caledonia.

Jim Marbrook says his feature will look at indigenous Kanak policies, industrial rights and nickel mining in New Caledonia.

Mr Marbrook says he will also focus on story-telling about the Kanak trade unionists locked in a dispute with the giant French nicket mining corporate SLN.

He says the idea for the documentary stemmed from a visit to New Caledonia.

"I guess being on the ground, going up there and having a look you realise that one of the central issues in whole kind of story of New Caledonia is the disparity in income and wealth between the Kanak and other Caledonians, whether they be French coming over to work as beaucracts or doctors or whatever, or they Caldoche."

Jim Marbrook says he hopes to finish the documentary by the end of next year.