23 Oct 2007

Poll suggests Cook Island residents keen for a speed levels to be reduce

11:47 am on 23 October 2007

A poll in the Cook Islands suggest the majority of residents favor a cut in speed levels.

A bill will be presented in Parliament on November 19 to lower speed limits from 60 to 50 kilometres per hour and introduce compulsory motorcycle helmets and the use of breathalysers to lower the road death toll that has risen substantially.

A select committee is looking into the issue and the chair of the road safety council, Don Silk, says the latest poll indicates residents support parts of the bill.

"The poll was to ask people whether they wanted the maximum limit to be fifty kilometres per hour or sixty kilometre per hour. And the overwhelming choice was for 50 kilometres per hour. People opted for a lower speed limit."

Don Silk says the committee will meet with health officials next to discuss the introduction of breathalysers that would test alcohol levels.