24 Oct 2007

Vanuatu police want quick response from Fiji on extradition of fugitive

11:14 am on 24 October 2007

Vanuatu police say they want their Fiji counterparts to respond as soon as possible to a request for extradition of a fugitive facing fraud charges.

Vanuatu police lodged a mutual assistance request with Fiji three months ago regarding Salendra Sen Sinha, the main suspect in an investigation over Vanuatu's biggest ever fraud case.

The Indo-Fijian fugitive believed to have masterminded the fraud of at least 300,000 US dollars remains in Fiji where he is reported to be facing other criminal charges.

But Vanuatu's deputy police commissioner, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Caulton, says they expected Fiji authorities to respond much earlier in such an important case.

"We understand the situation in Fiji now with the current military government but we would have anticipated a much quicker response to our request... it's just a simple request for Salendra to be interviewed by police in Fiji on the matter that he should be taken back to Vanuatu as soon as possible."

Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Caulton.