24 Oct 2007

Vanuatu/Taiwan bilateral trade agreement still in place, says Taipei

9:42 am on 24 October 2007

Taiwan says the bilateral trade agreement it signed with Vanuatu in 2004 still needs to be implemented.

The Daily Post newspaper reports that under the agreement, Vanuatu is entitled to 25 thousand US dollars in Taiwanese aid allocated for a private sector workshop on developing small businesses.

The head of Taiwan's delegation to the recent Pacific Forum in Tonga, says while Vanuatu has no diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it's already benefiting from the help it's given to various regional organisations.

Taiwan's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chan Siao-yue, says the bilateral trade agreement signed three years ago with Vanuatu's then Prime Minister, Serge Vohor, is still in place.

However the current Government led by Ham Lini is a staunch supporter of the One China Policy.

Mr Lini replaced Mr Vohor as Prime Minister in a motion of no-confidence shortly after the latter controversially forged diplomatic ties with Taipei.