24 Oct 2007

Project underway in Vanuatu to develop techniques for kava quality standards

11:23 am on 24 October 2007

A kava expert in Vanuatu says they are developing techniques to better control their quality standards for kava.

Vincent Lebot says currently the project, which uses infra red light, is in its pilot stages.

He says they are hoping to have the technique sorted by June next year.

"We are working quite hard to develop some techniques to control the quality on the rooting basis. And we're quite optimistic to have this technique developed before the second half of next year, therefore we'll have a rooting system to control the quality in Vanuatu and I think that would be a guarantee for buyers."

Vincent Lebot says Vanuatu's kava exports to local and regional markets are thriving.

But he doesn't hold much hope for kava exports from the Pacific to resume to European markets, after kava bans and restrictions were put in place.