24 Oct 2007

Tokelau leader says last referendum left confusion

5:10 pm on 24 October 2007

The local leader on Tokelau's atoll of Nukunonu has spoken of the confusion that resulted from the rejection last year of a proposal to become self-governing.

Just over 18 months later, the people of Tokelau are again voting on the same question.

From Nukunonu, where voting is underway, Philippa Tolley sent this report.

"Faipule, Pio Tuia, said the result last time round left people thinking. What has happened? Why is Tokelau unsure? But as voting got underway, he urged people not to let the previous vote worry them. PNG's Ambassador to the UN, Robert Aisi, who is here as a representative of the UN Committee on Decolonisation, said the UN was not here to tell people what to do and it would respect the decision of the people of Tokelau, whatever the outcome."