24 Oct 2007

Vote could give Tokelau greater regional profile, says Faipule

8:33 pm on 24 October 2007

The faipule or local leader on Tokelau's atoll of Nukunonu, Pio Tuia, says he believes that his nation becoming self-governing will give it a greater profile in the region.

At the moment, Tokelau is voting in a referendum on whether to become self-governing in free association with New Zealand.

Pio Tuia says a host of opportunities will open itself to Tokelau if the people vote to accept the proposal

"We are now thinking to be put Tokelau, to make Tokelau on our own request to be part of the Forum. That is new. Tokelau was never invited to be part of that."

The faipule of Nukunonu, Pio Tuia.

A result in the vote is expected on Thursday evening